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The Purple Team takes on the Ultimate Human Race

Increase of social runners for the Hollywood Athletics Club at the Comrades Marathon.

The Hollywood Athletics Club is experiencing an increase in participation from social runners for the upcoming Comrades Marathon. This year’s race will be an uprun, commencing at Durban City Hall and concluding at the Hollywoodbets Scottsville Racecourse, covering the shortest route in the event’s history at 85.91km, as measured by the Comrades Marathon Association.

Several alterations have been made to the route, notably the absence of the Purple Team at the traditional halfway mark in Drummond. Instead, the focus has shifted towards supporting the 1028 runners on the Comrades Marathon Entry List from the Hollywood Athletics Club.

Since its debut at the Comrades Marathon in 2017, the club’s participation numbers have seen significant growth. Initially represented by just 22 runners, the Purple Brand now boasts of a much larger presence five years later. This success can be attributed to the club’s ethos of inclusivity and support, creating a community where every runner is encouraged to achieve their personal best on the road.

Club President Morgan Shandu expressed excitement about the increasing participation, stating, “We are thrilled to see such a high number of participants in the ultimate human race. When we founded this club, we envisioned growth, but the magnitude of our current representation, with over 900 runners proudly representing our brand on an international stage, exceeds our wildest expectations.”

The Hollywood Athletics Club’s ambition to become one of the largest clubs in KwaZulu Natal and South Africa, is seen in the numbers taking part in this year’s Comrades Marathon. And Comrades fans can be prepared to see a purple migration from Durban to Pietermaritzburg on 9 June.

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