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Welcome to 2019 with some New Additions to our Kit!

Hi Team,

We are off to a flying start in 2019 as registrations continue to roll in at fantastic rate. Lala our club manager definitely has her work cut out for her in January.

We asked, you answered, and here it is! We have just launched new additions to our beautiful range of kit.

We have included a race or training T-shirt as some people were not comfortable in the regular running vest. It has the exact same design but has sleeves. We have also included, Beanies, Buffs, Caps, tights and very importantly a tracksuit.

The vests and T-shirts are R230, Beanies, caps, buffs are R70, tights are R130 and the tracksuit is R550.

All orders are to go through Lala on [email protected]

Registration is now R370 which includes your licence for 2019 as well as your race vest or T-shirt. We are also still giving away a free Beanie, Cap or Buff if you refer two NEW members to the club.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the first race of the season!

Take care for now and keep running!

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